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PAMLA 2019

117th Annual Conference - San Diego, California
Thursday, November 14 - Sunday, November 17, 2019

German Studies Grant - 2019

PAMLA German Studies Grant for Graduate Students

The PAMLA German Studies Grant honors the memories of a number of Germanists who had been active in PAMLA, including Gunter H. Hertling, Wolfgang Nehring, Jens Rieckmann, Thomas Saine, and Hans Wagener.

PAMLA Members may make donations to this fund by mailing checks made out to PAMLA (with “German Studies Grant” in the subject line, not the To line) to Craig Svonkin (1325 Garfield St. #417, Denver, CO 80206)

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for this grant, students must

  • Be in good standing in a field of German studies at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, or other equivalent level in an accredited university program.
  • Be current PAMLA members.
  • Have a paper proposal marked as confirmed for the 2019 PAMLA Conference on a topic related to the field of German studies.
  • Not have previously received this award more than once.
  • Attend their panels at 2019 PAMLA conference and deliver their papers.

Applications will be reviewed by members of the PAMLA German Studies Grant Committee and awarded at their discretion.

Application Process

Eligible students must submit an online application by August 25th, 2019, in which they describe a project and explain how it contributes to existing scholarship in German studies. They must also provide a brief biography of scholarly achievement.

The committee will review applications according to the following criteria:

  1. Originality of the project’s contribution to the field of German studies.
  2. Clarity and organization of the description of the project.
  3. Evidence of potential as a scholar in the biography and conference proposal.