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PAMLA 2019

117th Annual Conference - San Diego, California
Thursday, November 14 - Sunday, November 17, 2019

General Membership/Payment Policies

General Membership/Payment Policies

  • PAMLA is an organization for its members. All participants in the conference must maintain current membership, which runs from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. Join online at (you will need to create a new user account before you'll be able to join PAMLA for the 2019 year and pay the conference fees).

  • Conference presenters, presiding officers, and chairs should remit their 2019 PAMLA membership dues by July 15, and must pay their conference fees by October 1, in order to be listed on the program. Those who do not pay will be removed from the program after October 15.

  • PAMLA now offers a combined membership/conference fee option, to make paying for membership and the conference a single, easy step.

  • Presenters who fail to pay their membership dues and conference fees by the appropriate deadlines may not be listed in the program and may not be allowed to deliver their papers at the conference.

  • Students or faculty of our host institution may attend the conference’s sessions and non-fee activities for free (unless they are presenting a paper or chairing a session, in which case they must still pay all appropriate fees).

  • Online membership and dues information is available here.

Conference Registration

  • Everyone listed in the program must pay the conference registration fee by October 1, 2019 at the very latest to avoid a late fee, in addition to having paid their 2019 PAMLA Membership (by July 15).

  • After October 1, a $10 late fee will apply. Registration materials will be made available online. There is a combined membership/conference fee option, should you wish to pay both fees at one time.

  • Students and faculty from the host institution who are not on the program may attend sessions and non-fee activities without paying the registration fee or membership dues (although they are invited to join PAMLA at our very reasonable rates).

  • NOTE: Conference registration fees are separate from membership dues, but both are required to attend the conference (you may pay both at the same time).