116th Annual Conference - Bellingham, Washington
Friday, November 9 - Sunday, November 11, 2018

Culture, Identity, and Immigration in the United States and Europe

Presiding Officer: 
José I. Alvarez Fernandez, Emmanuel College

This panel will touch upon issues related to culture, identity, and immigration in the United States and Europe. The panel will examine the dynamics that develop (both real and imaginary) in the interaction between national identity and immigrant groups in a variety of cultural products (text, songs, movies, etc.). To what extent is the nation and the nation-state identity reinforced or modified by the distinctiveness and the differentiation from groups or individuals who don't belong to the in-group? Some other key concepts that presenters may want to explore in this panel can include race, stereotypes, assimilation, immigrant reality, distance, space, movement, and memory—historical and personal.

Closed (not accepting submissions)
Topic Type: 
Special Session