116th Annual Conference - Bellingham, Washington
Friday, November 9 - Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Studies: Perceptions on the World Stage

Session Chair: 
Nan Darbous Marthaller, American Military University
Kathryn A. Broyles, American Military University
Session 3: Saturday 8:15 am – 9:45 am
Miller Hall 231


  1. Aubrey Geyer, Independent Scholar
    The poet Robinson Jeffers enjoyed fame after WWI when his poetic attempts to cope with the trauma of war resonated with a similar public need. His declining popularity during WWII despite his consistent poetic efforts to revisit the same themes illuminates relationships between personal and public trauma, literature, and violence.
  2. Sandra Sidi, Texas State University
    This essay examines the desire and ability of a soldier to act in Shani Bioanjiu’s fiction about Israeli soldiers. Using the work of Robert Caserio, I argue that Bioanjiu’s story “Means of Suppressing Demonstrations” employs features from both the traditional pre-modern plot of action, as well as features from the modernist plot of contemplation and inaction to reflect that the soldier's ability to act is constrained at all times, if not by circumstance and political realities, by an actual book which details exactly when and how a soldier may act at all.
  3. Jason Higgins, University of Massachusetts Amherst
    My research investigates Military Sexual Trauma and institutional problems in the military justice system. Reporters of sexual violence are often punished, while the perpetrators are rarely prosecuted. This paper analyzes sexual violence in Vietnam War-era films and discusses their impact on American memory, military culture, and veteran experiences.
  4. Alice Sylvester, University of Phoenix
    This paper compares the movie Heroes Don't Come Home to the real-life experiences of nine war veterans who have successfully reintegrated into the civilian workforce. Numerous factors played an integral role in these veterans' success, deconflicting the tangled misconceptions associated with veterans, war, and PTSD. Heroes do Come Home!
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