116th Annual Conference - Bellingham, Washington
Friday, November 9 - Sunday, November 11, 2018

Italian Ecocriticism

Session Chair: 
Ilaria Tabusso Marcyan, Miami University, Ohio
Session 5: Saturday 1:25 pm – 2:55 pm
Miller Hall 103


  1. Federico Pacchioni, Chapman University
    In this paper, I will explore how Guerra first elaborated his poetic perspective, which places animals, plants, objects, and the human body on the same dialogical plane, in his verses and then powerfully transferred it into the films he scripted as well as into the installations, statues, and inscriptions he installed in and around Pennabilli.
  2. Enrico Vettore, California State University, Long Beach
    This essay reads Gianni Celati's 1980's fiction through the lens of Zen philosophy and of ecopsychology in order to demonstrate Celati's desire to call attention to the bleak environmental and cultural situation of the Po Valley during those years, but also to the fact that one's Self and the landscape/world are coextensive, a fact that weakens the illusion of the Self’s solidity and that heightens our responsibility towards the outer world but also to our own self (Zen Buddhism and ecopsychology teach that they are one and the same).
  3. Pasquale Verdicchio, University of California, San Diego
    In a continuing effort to define the parameters and themes of Italian cinema concerned  with environmental issues, I will engage some recent productions in order to identify not only a local but a global shared vocabulary of activism. Included in my analysis will be the cilms of Manuele Cecconello, Michelangelo Frammartino, and Alice Rohrwacher.
Session Cancelled: