116th Annual Conference - Bellingham, Washington
Friday, November 9 - Sunday, November 11, 2018

French Voices: voix, oralité, écoute

Session Chair: 
Jean-François Duclos, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Session 7: Sunday 8:15 am – 9:45 am
Miller Hall 112


  1. Aparna Nayak, California State University, Long Beach
    This paper will discuss the deft use of the oral tradition in Ben Jelloun's Le Mariage de plaisir and the latitude it allows the storyteller to highlight important current issues while circumventing any direct reference to politics or the royal family.
  2. Robin Okumu, University of Oregon
    When Monique Wittig’s Virgile, Non (1985) rewrites Dante’s Divina Commedia, it also rewrites the epic trope of the Sibyl’s leaves and releases the Sibyl’s voice from its classical confines. This act is a key piece of Monique Wittig’s radical-lesbian literary agenda because it symbolically reverses the connotation of incomprehensible, illogical female speech and frees that speech from all servitude and subjugation. 
  3. Andrew Ruzkowski, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Examining the films of Lettrist Isidore Isou, and his Lettriste lieutenant Maurice Lemaître, in conjunction with their multi-modal texts, I will explore how the body is a necessary and vital component of Lettrist art that enables us to understand the movement's explorations of Self and Other. It is my hope that this interrogation will expand the scholarship surrounding this often-overlooked artistic movement.
  4. Jean-François Duclos, Metropolitan State University of Denver
    Je propose de faire de la voix un objet d’écoute et d’auscultation dans l’œuvre de Maylis de Kerangal. Plus que les mots eux-mêmes, l’intonation, le timbre, la force avec laquelle ils sont dits révèlent les contours d’une intériorité sourde du corps. Encore faut-il pouvoir en interpréter les signes et d’en saisir l’intensité.
Session Cancelled: