115th Annual Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii
Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 12, 2017

Poetry and Poetics III

Session Chair: 
Sarah-Jane Burton, Western Sydney University
Session 6: Saturday 10 – 11:30 am
Henry 104
Topic Area: 


  1. Maria Azar, California State University, Los Angeles
    Through an examination of form in Vanessa Place’s “Miss Scarlet,” this project observes how conceptual poetry uses appropriation to uncover new ways of seeing and identifying contemporary power dynamics, by forcing the reader to a form that resists traditional “reading.”
  2. Deborah Sarbin, Clarion University
    This paper examines formal experimentation in works by poet/artists Jen Bervin and Terrance Hayes as a strategy to make intertexts visible to readers.
  3. Caleb Agnew, University of Virginia
    This essay attempts to construct a framework for thinking through the stanza as a visual structure by paying attention to both its prosodic and phenomenological dimensions, drawing chiefly on typographical arrangement in Jorie Graham's later poetry in order to conceptualize a visual prosody of stanzaic form.
Session Cancelled: