115th Annual Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii
Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pedagogy for Difficult Times

Session Chair: 
Valerie Woodward, El Camino College, Compton Center
Session 8: Saturday 3:05 – 4:35 pm
Kieffer 9


  1. Dalia Juarez, "El Camino College, Compton Center"
    This presentation discusses the impact that professors have on student learning, commitment, retention and success at the community college level. In other words, how much influence does faculty and staff have on a community college student’s feeling of belonging to a campus and how much does that feeling influence the student’s persistence and desire to stay enrolled, graduate and/or transfer?  
  2. Misty Lawrenson, California State University, Fresno
    My paper discusses the value of peer review workshops in the First Year Composition classroom.  I argue that through structured and purposeful workshops, students are enabled to see their writings from a new perspective.  They are required to critically think about the rhetorical situation surrounding their writing and are better supported in the task of transferring knowledge.
  3. Valerie Woodward, El Camino College, Compton Center
    This paper shares the experiences of teaching Medieval British literature at Compton Community College, an urban community college that serves a majority-minority population. Connections between a variety of texts to 21st century south Los Angeles occurred through a combination of close reading, creative writing, and resistive pedagogical techniques.
  4. Felicia Martinez, Saint Mary's College of California
    How can reading ancient math and science texts give students the tools they need to navigate the present, volatile moment? How, too, can the activities involved in such “reading” help students understand the value of “otherness” ? I will address these questions and some  methods of teaching ancient math and science in a humanities setting in this paper.
Session Cancelled: