115th Annual Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii
Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 12, 2017

PAMLA Forum: En-visioning Travel in Oceania

Session Chair: 
Katherine Kinney, University of California, Riverside
Stanley Orr, University of Hawai'i, West O'ahu
PAMLA Forum: Saturday 5 – 6:30 pm
Ching Conference Center (Eiben)


  1. Kealani Cook, University of Hawai'i, West O'ahu
    Dr. Kealani Cook, Assistant Professor of History, teaches in the Humanities Division at the University of Hawai'i, West O'ahu. His publications include "Ke Ao a me Ka Pō: Postmillennial Thought and Native Hawaiian Foreign Mission Work," which appeared in the "Pacific Currents" issue of American Quarterly. Dr. Cook's forthcoming book Return to Kahiki: Native Hawaiians in Oceania will be published with Cambridge University Press in 2018.
  2. Gemma Cubero del Barrio, Independent Filmmaker
    Filmmaker Gemma Cubero del Barrio started her career as Associate Producer of Lourdes Portillo's poetic and groundbreaking documentary film Señorita Extraviada. Gemma is the director, producer, and writer of the award winning POV documentary Ella Es El Matador and has just completed the film Ottomaticake with a World Premiere at the 2017 Hawaii International Film Festival. Her latest film Homecoming about the atoll of Pukapuka is currently in production. 
  3. Florence "Johnny" Frisbie, Writer and Traveler
    Florence "Johnny" Frisbie was born in Papeete, Tahiti, and grew up on Puka Puka in the Cook Islands. As a twelve year old, she started to write Miss Ulysses From Puka Puka—published in 1948, this memoir of Oceanic life would come to be recognized as the first book written by a Polynesian woman. She followed Miss Ulysses with The Frisbies of the South Seas in 1959.
  4. Amelia Borofsky, Psychologist
    Dr. Amelia Rachel Hokule’a Borofsky, a community and clinical psychologist, has written for The Atlantic and Cook Island News; she is also the co-editor of ReGeneration: Telling Stories From Our Twenties (2003). Dr. Borofsky lives and works in the Cook Islands as well as Hawai‘i, where she teaches courses at Hawai‘i Pacific University.
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