115th Annual Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii
Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ancient-Modern Relations

Session Chair: 
Jesse Weiner, Hamilton College
Session 2: Friday 10 – 11:30 am
Ching 253


  1. Heather Lusty, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    This paper explores how contemporary Scandinavian musicians have crafted subgenres (Viking and folk metal) that draw from Nordic mythologies and languages, both by adapting the Eddas into narrative and lyrical themes, and by singing in Old Norse, Icelandic, and Faroese (among other languages). 
  2. Daniela Cavallaro, University of Auckland (New Zealand)
    This presentation will discuss Anne-Louise Sarks and Kate Mulvany’s Medea (2012) within the genre of revisionist mythmaking, highlighting its references to Greek mythology, as well as focusing on its attempt to combine the enduring power of Euripides’ tragedy with the very contemporary issue of innocent victims in parental disputes. ​
  3. Marcia Eppich-Harris, Marian University
    While Consent is a thoroughly modern play that interrogates 21st century problems, its roots lie in classical literary themes of revenge and justice. The play is comparable to a number of tragic myths and legends, most prominently Euripides’s Medea, which is discussed thoroughly in the play, and Shakespeare’s Rape of Lucrece
Session Cancelled: