115th Annual Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii
Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 12, 2017

XX Files Radio: 20+ Years of Techno-feminist Aural Activism and Community Building

Valerie D. Walker, Emily Carr University

In 2017, XX Files Radio Show celebrates  20 years of techno-feminist aural activism and community creation via weekly Techno-Gynaeical radio explorations and discussions.   Valérie d. Walker led the XX FRS through its first 20 years, creating a cutting edge digital-feminist exploration of technology covering all medias from programming to burlesque & eco-sexual environmentalism, she discusses radio as social-activator & community builder.


The XX Files Radio Show (XXFRS) is an on-going, growing, non-hierarchical,  digital-feminist radio community which meets across the WWWeb.  Since 1997, many noted artists, cyber-activists, techno-feminists including: The Guerilla Grrls, Dr. Annie Sprinkle, Olia Liania, Ytasha Womack, William Pope L.,  have spoken into our microphones and shared their stories with XXFRS. 

The HerStory of every unique audio moment of this trend-setting radio exploration is  online in Matricules, a multi-media,  evolving, onlne repository of digital feminist creations hosted @ studioxx.org/productions/radio-xx-files/. 

Working with Studio XX & Heritage/Patrimonie Canada, Valérie ensured the initial 2 decade infusion of XXFRS into Canada’s digital online memory. V knows radio is the ultimate new media, always evolving in distribution methods while control of the media rests in the hands of the creators/producers. Plus radio is a virtual social media platform for feminist-activism, a dynamic example of real-world methods creating digital learning.

XXFRS’s live radio broadcasts and downloads are supported by CKUT 90.3 FM, Montréal/McGill Community Radio & Studio XX, Techno-Feminist arts centre.