115th Annual Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii
Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 12, 2017

Spanish Reading Instruction: Enhancing Abilities through Research Findings

Paul M Chandler, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Suggestions will be provided for enhancing second language reading abilities based on recent research findings to help us move learners beyond the intermediate level of proficiency. Getting beyond the intermediate level requires both vocabulary instruction and reading strategy instruction.  Survey instruments on first language reading background and second language reading strategies will be shared. The presentation will be in English, but sample activities will be demonstrated in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Language programs want learners to achieve more advanced levels of proficiency, but without strong reading and vocabulary components, learners tend to fossilize at the intermediate level.  To achieve more advanced levels, learners require opportunities to develop their second language reading abilities. We must begin helping lower-level language learners build on their L1 reading abilities by working with more advanced skills such as metaphors, anaphora, and collocations, as well as a healthy variety of reading strategies.  In third-year (advanced) courses most of the available literary anthologies and cultural readers lack essential reading strategies which support the development of proficient reading (Bernhardt, 2011).  Periodic needs analyses can help us improve reading instruction to better meet learning outcomes and support proficiency gains. Improved reading instruction can attract more successful majors, minors and double majors with more advanced levels of proficiency to lead the next generation as specialists in second language studies, language pedagogy, and applied linguistics. Those in attendance will share sample survey instruments to improve learning and instruction.