115th Annual Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii
Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 12, 2017

Let the Mountain Speak (2017): A Screening and Discussion

Vilsoni Hereniko, University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa

Vilsoni Hereniko, Creative Media Professor at the University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa, will screen Let the Mountain Speak (2017), a short film in honor of Mauna Kea, Hawai‘i Island’s highest peak. Born in Rotuma, Hereniko has written Woven Gods: Female Clowns and Power in Rotuma (1995), the stage drama The Last Virgin in Paradise (with Teresia Teaiwa, 2001), and the feature film The Land Has Eyes/Pear ta ma 'on maf (2004), named Best Dramatic Feature at the 2004 Toronto Imaginative Film and Media Arts Festival.