114th Annual Conference - Pasadena, California
Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Comparative Media

Presiding Officer: 
Sarah Lozier, University of California, Riverside

In keeping with this year’s broad PAMLA conference theme, “Archives, Libraries, Properties,” the Comparative Media panel seeks submissions for 15-20 minute presentations dealing with the interrelationships between various media forms and/as archives, libraries, and properties. The panel welcomes presentations that define the panel’s key terms – archives, libraries, properties, and media – broadly, and use them in productive tension and collaboration with one another. Presentations that seek to creatively disrupt the traditional media forms of conference presentations – thinking the conference itself as a kind of library or archive of performed academic properties – will be particularly welcome.

Though including but not limited to the following suggestions, topics for presentations may be practical, dealing, for instance, with challenges and possibilities that arise as we attempt to define, save, catalogue, or otherwise make sense of different media within existing archive, library, or property schematics; pedagogical, dealing, for instance, with challenges and possibilities that arise when teaching media that may or may not be accessible to students due to limitations in archives, libraries, or property (infra)structures; or theoretical, dealing, for instance, with the ways media, archives, libraries, and properties function through critical feedback loops with one another, challenging our critical preconceptions and asking that we constantly redefine these terms, both as such, and in relation with one another. 

Closed (not accepting submissions)

Associated Sessions

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Standing Session