114th Annual Conference - Pasadena, California
Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Young Adult Literature III

Session Chair: 
Kate Carnell Watt, University of California, Riverside


  1. Kerry Spencer, Stevenson University
    Book covers are an important aspect of book selling, but cover-evaluation is complicated in YA Lit because the person buying the book may not be the same one who reads it. This paper presents a two part study, conducted  to determine what makes a good YA book cover.
  2. Tatevik Gyulamiryan, Hope College
    Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On presents a quixotic storyline featuring a young schoolboy—Simon Snow and his relationship with his true friend—Penelope Bunce, and his teenage love—Tyrannus Basilton. My study of Carry On deriving from Unamuno’s reading of Don Quixote and Bakhtin’s views on re-accentuation suggests that Rowell’s novel presents Cervantine characters, humor, mystery, and realism.
  3. Elizabeth Drake, San Diego State University
    This is an exploration and critique of the 2010 Campfire Classic graphic novel adaptation of Herman Melville’s 1851 seminal Moby-Dick. This reductive adaptation illustrates an alarming shift towards a neoliberal desensitization of ultraviolet images paired with a privileging of entertainment over necessary critical thought.
  4. Grace Nambela, La Sierra University
    This paper is a psychological analysis of Jandy Nelson’s young adult novel I’ll Give You The Sun, focusing on the character relationship of twins Noah and Jude and their relationship’s representation of certain theories from renowned psychologists and theorists.
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