114th Annual Conference - Pasadena, California
Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Spanish and Portuguese (Peninsular) II

Session Chair: 
Nicole Altamirano, Claremont McKenna College
Sierra Madre


  1. Debbie M. Avila, Fresno State University
    I will examine how Carmen de Icaza's ideas evolved throughout her novels, focusing on how Francoist ideology is presented in Icaza's final three novels, which were published in the 1950s and 60s, and how the female protagonists deal with social and economic issues of that time. Icaza progressed to a more complex view of Spanish society and women's struggles to assert their individuality during the later years of the dictatorship. 
  2. Nino Kebadze, University of Massachusetts, Boston
    This paper explores phenomenology of being in Rosa Chacel’s autobiographical novel La sinrazón (1961).  Its aim is to: a) provide the philosophical groundings for Chacel’s literary enterprise; b) examine how Chacel bears out the narrator-protagonist’s experience and understanding of being; and c) consider the relevance of the above. 
  3. Elena Olive, Austin College
    Referents of contemporary city life, combined with Luis García Montero’s philosophy of fusing the individual with his society, the incorporation of a culturally assimilated poetic speaker, and the use of colloquial language  all constitute the basis of his poetic creation. García Montero and his poesía de la experiencia contemporaries reconcile past and present discourses in the context of today’s metropolitan cultural referents to allow both reader and writer a novel perspective of Spanish identity in modern times. 
  4. Jennifer Monti, University of California - Los Angeles
    This presentation analyzes the topics of emigration, gender, and race in Antoni Verdaguer’s 1993 film, Havanera 1820. It also zooms in on the intertwined relationship between Cuba and Cataluña, while trying to understand the revival that Cuba has experienced in Catalan literature and cultural productions over the last decades.  
Session Cancelled: