114th Annual Conference - Pasadena, California
Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Secrets and Transparency in Global Literature, Film and Culture

Session Chair: 
Karin Bauer, McGill University
Sierra Bonita


  1. Andrea Gogrof, Western Washington University
    This paper examines Byung-Chul Han’s Transparency Society and its companion piece The Burnout Socieety in relation to Friedrich Nietzsche and contemporary literature. Presenting the author’s compelling assessment of today’s society of transparency as “Inferno of the same,” this paper questions the nostalgic tenor of the author’s reclaiming of a “negativity of alterity” that, I argue, has never left the stage of cultural production.       
  2. Raphael Sigal, Amherst College, Youna Kwak, Pomona College
    We examine different modalities of the secret that suggest alternative places for the private life to find refuge. Ultimately an examination of intimacy, our explorations of secrecy aim to displace and re-orient questions of identity and belonging, asking not “who am I” and “where do I come from,” but rather “who knows my secrets”?
  3. Peter Schweppe, McGill University
    This paper examines how secrecy may function as a form of political resistance. In 1968, the cult-book Klau mich incited political unrest at the Frankfurt book fair. While the title "Steal Me" aimed to undermine the business principles of the book fair, the authors' clandestine placement of three pornographic inserts caused a scandal that broadly challenged the authority of public institutions and industry.
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