114th Annual Conference - Pasadena, California
Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Drama and Society I

Session Chair: 
Kimberly Jew, University of Utah
Sierra Madre
Topic Area: 


  1. David Hammerbeck, Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan)
    This paper examines how fear of the other is embodied in a central Orientalist trope of India, the Thug, is theatricalized in Charles Garand’s 1862 historical drama Les Étrangleurs de l’Inde (The Stranglers of India). 
  2. Liberty Stanavage, SUNY Potsdam
    In this paper, I intend to examine stage productions starring Chiwetel Ejiofor (2007-8) and Patrick Stewart (1997) as Othello, and the 1995 film starring Lawrence Fishburne, in conversation with critical responses, to consider tensions around race, emotion, and physicality that inflect our understanding of Othello and Iago.
  3. Alice Lacey, LaGuardia Community College CUNY
    This paper addresses how surrealist drama comments upon society and the dynamics of gender and sexuality in relationships. Sartre's play No Exit concludes “Hell is other people,” but some of our most “heavenly” encounters are with other people, too. My own play, “Service,” uses surrealism to further explore these dynamics.
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