114th Annual Conference - Pasadena, California
Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Borges' Library: Fictional Configurations of Totality Today

Session Chair: 
Eunha Choi, California State University, Long Beach
San Rafael


  1. Salvador Ayala Camarillo, California State University, Los Angeles
    An ongoing research project explores how Jorge Luis Borges presents Argentina’s national identity as grounded in the spaces of the pampas and Buenos Aires. This perception of a self-contained Argentina is complicated by Borges’s view of Argentina as being cosmopolitan and having fluid borders. Both conceptions of nationhood coexist uneasily. 
  2. Peter Lehman, UCLA
    Drawing on Borges fable “On Exactitude in Science,” Jean Baudrillard famously defined postmodern hyperreality as the desert of the real.  This paper returns to the supposed anachronism of Borges fable and Patrício Guzmán’s film Nostalgia for the Light to focus instead on the real of the desert, a version of totality and the cosmos imagined from the ruins of empire.
  3. Eunha Choi, California State University, Long Beach
    I argue that it is the outside that adumbrates the totality qua limits of representation, the medium par excellence of nationalism and the nation project. My argument forms upon a close analysis of how Borges’s “El sur” and Arguedas’s “Batalla en el cielo” configure the presence of borders in their various permutations: political, cultural, epistemological, aesthetic, etc.
  4. Williston Chase, UC Irvine
    This paper departs from David E. Johnson's work on Kant's relation to Borges to think about the figurations, and hints of figurations, of totality that sneak into Silvina Ocampo’s novella, La Torre sin Fin (1968). I argue that Ocampo toys with the artificiality of ordered experience in order to probe a relation to the side of the regulative illusions of fantastical literature.
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