112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

This page is about the 2014 conference. For 2015 conference info, go to PAMLA 2015.

Traveling to Riverside

Our 2014 PAMLA Conference will be held at the beautiful, brand-new Riverside Convention Center (3637 5th St, Riverside, CA 92501), in Riverside, California. The closest airport to Riverside, California, for those of you flying in, is the Ontario, CA International Airport (ONT).

There is free parking for PAMLA conference attendees in the Riverside Convention Center parking lot behind the convention center. The entrance to the parking lot is at the intersection of 3rd Street and Main.

Traveling from Ontario International Airport [ONT] 

Ontario (ONT—the Ontario, CA International Airport) is the preferred airport for this year’s PAMLA conference. A short 30 minutes from Riverside, conference attendees can rent cars at the airport from one of the several rental companies,  take a shuttle, or request a Lyft to their desired location.

Shuttle Companies: SuperShuttle, PrimeTime, and GoAirportShuttle all serve Ontario Airport (simply google “ONT Shuttle” for more information). 

(Note: Those staying at the Mission Inn may call the Mission Inn’s bell-desk to request a free shuttle.  Do call ahead of time, just to be sure, and be sure to mention PAMLA when doing so.)

Another option is to try Lyft, which at the time of this writing, serves the Inland Empire [which includes Ontario and Riverside]; at the current time, competitor Uber does not serve the Inland Empire. Download the app to your iPhone or Android, enter your credit card information, and simply request a ride. When the driver arrives a few minutes later, give them your destination. When you arrive in Riverside, the app charges your credit card and you will have the option to add a tip as well. This method will often be your cheapest option.


Traveling from Los Angeles International Airport [LAX]

Traveling from Los Angeles International Airport [LAX] into Riverside can prove somewhat tricky. LA area freeways and traffic are not for the faint of heart, so renting a car and driving the 75 miles from LAX to Riverside might not be the wisest option.

Instead, consider taking other forms of transportation to reach Riverside. The train is a convenient way to arrive quickly and easily in Riverside, but it does take a little time and some planning in order to successfully navigate.

First, you will need to get from LAX to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Then, you will take the train (Metrolink commuter rail or perhaps Amtrak) from Union Station to Downtown Riverside.

From LAX to Union Station, you have two good options: The FlyAway Bus [$8 each way, per person] and a private taxi [$50.50 + tip each way for up to four passengers].

Note: Lyft, UberX, and Sidecar may also be options, but LAX has recently been ticketing these informal taxi services, so you may wish to investigate the current situation if you are interested in these lower-cost services. The LA County MetroRail and MetroBus systems are quite extensive, but for the next several years the connections between LAX and Union Station require several transfers, so we would not recommend them (this is why Metro sponsers the FlyAway service). If you are interested, Google Maps has excellent transit directions that incorporate data from Metro.


Part 1, Option 1 — LAX to LA Union Station: FlyAway Bus

Step 1.1: Outside the baggage claim area at LAX, follow the green signs for "Flyaway, Buses and Long Distance Vans."Wait for the bus marked "Flyaway - Union Station" to stop. The Flyaway service also serves Westwood, Van Nuys, and many other destinations, so be sure you take the Union Station Flyaway. Busses run every 20-30 minutes.

Step 1.2: The Bus driver will stow your baggage under the bus and the non-stop trip to Union Station should take less than 40 minutes. You pay when you arrive at Union Station.

Step 1.3: Go to the ticket booth to the left of the bus exit when you arrive. You may wish to buy a return ticket at the same time. They do not accept cash — credit cards only. Once you have paid, return to the bus and show the driver your ticket to collect your stowed baggage.

Step 1.4: Walk into the station, descending from the bus stop to the main level of Patsaourus Bus Plaza. You will find Amtrak and Metrolink ticket machines directly adjacent to the Metro Customer Service Center ahead on your right. If you want to buy your ticket from a human being, you will need to pass through the long boarding corridor to find the Amtrak ticket and information desk inside the main hall of the station (Patsaourus Bus Plaza is at the opposite side of Union Station).


Part 1, Option 2 — LAX to LA Union Station: Taxi Cab

Step 2.1: Follow the yellow signs out of the baggage claim area at LAX to the taxi queue at the curb for the most direct route to Union Station. Wait in the queue for a taxi. Taxis are plentiful and you should not have to wait long.

Step 2.2: Ask the taxi driver for the fare to downtown LA or Union Station. Cabs are required by law to charge a standard fare for LAX to downtown trips, regardless of the number of passengers. Union Station is within the borders of that standard downtown fare ($50.50 plus tip, at the time of this writing).

Step 2.3: Walk through the main hall of Union Station to the Amtrak information center to purchase your ticket and find out which platform to use for boarding your train. The platforms are located straight ahead, down the corridor from the main entrance hall.


Part 2 — Trains from Los Angeles Union Station to Downtown Riverside Station

From LA Union Station, take a train to Riverside Downtown. There are two types of train available: the Metrolink commuter lines and the Amtrak long-distance rail, although there are quite a few of the former trains and only one of the latter each day. At the time of writing, Metrolink costs $13.25 each way M-F and $10 (flat fee for all you can ride) on weekends.

For Metrolink, the easiest line to take is probably the Riverside Line (6 trains, M-F). Alternatively, the 91 Line runs via Orange County, requiring a train change and a bit of additional time (4 trains M-F, 2 trains Sa-Su). On weekends, the Riverside Line does not run at all, but as of this Summer two trains on the 91 Line run each way between Union Station and Riverside Downtown. There is also a creative combination you can take involving the Orange County Line with a transfer to the IE-OC Line (2 trains S&S).

See metrolinktrains.com for more information, but it is probably even easier to simply either ask Union Station staff which train to take at any given time or plan ahead using Google Maps, which has Metrolink (and Amtrak and many buses) in its transit database. Just ask Google Maps to plot a route on transit for you, specifying in advance the specific day and time you will want to arrive (this only works about a month or two into the future, but schedules don't change that often, so what is available now might well work in the Fall: http://tinyurl.com/q9md8c8).

The station in Downtown Riverside (make sure to get off at Downtown Riverside, not Riverside La Sierra) is a quick walk to the convention center — just about ten blocks (0.8 miles): http://tinyurl.com/pqwp8fv. There are cabs and buses at the station as well.


Driving Directions to Riverside Convention Center by Auto 

If you will be driving in to the conference, please take a look at the following website for driving directions to the Riverside Convention Center, the site of our 2014 PAMLA Conference: