112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Television Studies

Session Chair: 
Russell McDermott, University of Southern California
Session 5: Saturday 8:45-10:15am
RCC Raincross B
Topic Area: 


  1. Mark W. Bundy, University of California, Riverside
    This presentation will explore how and why pervasive violence, confrontations, and cruelty between women on shows such as "Orange is the New Black," Mob Wives:New Blood," and others appear to be rapidly changing older notions of aspects of "Femininity."
  2. Jodi Eisenberg, University of California, San Diego
    The lesbian storyline in the Spanish soap opera Amar en tiempos revueltos earned the show its highest ratings. Set in the time of the fascist dictatorship, the love story allows viewers to celebrate their own progressiveness, despite contemporary Spain’s continued oppression and exploitation of queers and the working class. I unpack these hauntings and slippages to reveal the investment of Spanish capitalism in lesbian sexuality.
  3. Ashley Morford, Simon Fraser University, Canada
    In this paper, I explore the BBC series Sherlock and its fan engagement through the lens of indigenous and queer studies to argue that the series can help us not only understand the sexual colonization of Western society but can ultimately decolonize prevalent notions of sexuality.
  4. Katie King, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
    As Turner notes, “ideology is the very site of struggle”  between subcultures and the dominant culture.  Instead of challenging normative assumptions or engaging in subversive practices, the directors of True Detective employ a method of incorporation that reflects an inaccurate, caricatured, and overly simplistic representation of bikers, which in turn widens such a divide.
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