112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Rethinking "Remediation": New Approaches for the 21st Century

Session Chair: 
Jason Spangler, Riverside City College
Session 9: 9:00-10:30am
RCC Raincross B


  1. Frances Suderman, California State University, San Bernardino
    By exploring parallels between organizational metaphors and the programs/tools used to assess students’ preparedness for college freshman English composition courses, this paper seeks to contribute to the remediation conversation by rethinking existing approaches to assessment for the purpose of offering support to 21st century models of English placement.
  2. Pegah Motaleb, San Diego Mesa College
    Common barriers such as poverty, domestic violence, drug abuse, and teenage pregnancy prevent students from low socio-economic backgrounds, in our developmental courses, from succeeding. Institutions must implement services beyond EOP, EOPS, PASS, and PUENTE, and replace traditional below-transfer-level sequence of courses with accelerated ones to retain “The Forgotten” students.
  3. Richard E. Hishmeh, Palomar College
    This paper explores the disconnect between growing trends in basic skills pedagogy, planning and curriculum and the top basic skills textbooks from major publishers. Secondly, it proposes a methodological approach to basic skills instruction not reflected in any of the major textbooks currently on the market.
  4. Jo Scott-Coe, Riverside City College
    Among academics and politicos alike, “remediation” suggests negative connotations that tend to dominate and frame public discussion. Universities—and now, many argue, even community colleges—shouldn’t have to offer remedial courses. What if we treated remediation as a social and intellectual opportunity rather than as a burden and a bother?
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