112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Medieval Literature II

Session Chair: 
John M. Ganim, UC Riverside
Session 2: Friday 10:45am-12:15pm
RCC Raincross E
Topic Area: 


  1. Christine Chism, University of California, Los Angeles
    This paper contrasts al-Idrisi’s discussion of the fourth climate in the Nuzhat al-mushtaq to Ibn Jubayr’s more anxious account of the same Mediterranean regions, arguing that Idrisi’s climatically organized text sidesteps the freighted divisions between the Dar al-Harb and the Dar al-Islam, to render up a geographically homogenized world.
  2. Marina Najera, University of California, Riverside
    This paper presents an economical perspective for evaluating Fernando de Rojas’s work La Celestina. I propose to show how Celestina was able to transcend the patriarchal structure through the commodification of sex, while creating a sexual empire, acquiring substantial power and influence, overall acquiring agency.
  3. Leonard Koff, University of California, Los Angeles
    Ahmad Khani’s court poem Mem u Zin (ca. 1695) speaks to a Kurdish cultural and religious identity we trace within the arc of Islamic connections with the ancient world.  This talk looks at two romance analogues — from classical antiquity, Pyramus and Thisbe, and from medieval France, Aucassin et Nicolette—and then at Aristophanes’ myth of love in Plato’s Symposium.  Against these possible sources and analogues Mem u Zin has not been studied. 
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