112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Indigenous Literatures and Cultures

Session Chair: 
Brenda Machosky, University of Hawai`i, West O`ahu
Session 4: Friday 3:45-5:15pm
RCC Raincross C


  1. Mary Cappelli, Nevada State College
    The purpose of my presentation is to show how indigenous Barabaig mothers create “mytho-histories” in their daily lives to sustain traditional identities 
  2. Barbara Seidman, Linfield College
    In Monkey Beach Canadian First Nations writer Eden Robinson’s Haisla protagonist Lisamarie faces cultural disjunctions that render her a racialized female Other. Her sexual degradation is compounded by her “deviant” receptivity to spirit communiqués. Yet by novel’s end she embraces the “monstrous” as a source of renewal, authority, and knowledge.              
  3. Kevin Hutchings, University of Northern British Columbia
    My paper examines the anti-colonial activism of Peter Jones (Chief Kahkewaquonaby) of the Credit River Mississauga nation in nineteenth-century Canada.  Focusing on his efforts to obtain a title deed for his people's lands, I consider Jones's association with London's Aborigines Protection Society and his audience with Queen Victoria.
  4. Laura Fussell, "University of California, Riverside"
    This paper examines how Native artists Wahwahtay Benais and Lisa Jacskson use hip-hop to reinvent the Ghost Dance in order to rearticulate the trauma of the boarding/residential school experience. Ultimately, this paper argues that this reinvention allows for a distinctly Native form of healing that promotes cultural and psychological sovereignty.   
Session Cancelled: