112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

This page is about the 2014 conference. For 2015 conference info, go to PAMLA 2015.

Four SoCal Writers: Eric, Ara, Joseph, & Joseph

Session Chair: 
Joseph Thomas, San Diego State University
Session 6: Saturday 10:30am-12:00pm
RCC Meeting Room 7


  1. Eric Magnuson, San Diego State University
    Eric Magnuson’s fiction has appeared in Camera Obscura, The Los Angeles Review, and Paper Darts, among others, while his journalism has been published in many magazines, such as Rolling Stone, The Nation, and The Art Newspaper.
  2. Joseph Mosconi, Poetic Research Bureau
    Joseph Mosconi is a writer and taxonomist based in Los Angeles. He co-directs the Poetic Research Bureau and co-edits the art mag Area Sneaks. He is the author of Fright Catalog (Insert Blanc Press, 2013) and Demon Miso/Fashion In Child (Make Now Press, 2014). His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Triple Canopy, Material, Abraham Lincoln and other journals.
  3. Ara Shirinyan, Poetic Research Bureau
    Ara Shirinyan is a poet based in Los Angeles. He is the publisher of Make Now Press and the co-director of the Poetic Research Bureau. His books include Syria Is In the World (Palm Press, 2007), Your Country Is Great (Futurepoem, 2008), and Handsome Fish Offices (Insert Press, 2008).
  4. Joseph Thomas, San Diego State University
    Noted Hillcrest flâneur, Joseph Thomas is also an associate professor of English at San Diego State University and the director of the National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. He is the author of two books, Poetry’s Playground: The Culture of Contemporary American Children’s Poetry (Wayne State UP, 2007) and Strong Measures (Make Now Press, 2007). He is currently finishing up a monograph for Make Now Press called The Devil's Favorite Pet: Shel Silverstein, An American Iconoclast.
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