112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Familiarizing the "jeune filles"

Session Chair: 
Virginie Pouzet-Duzer, Pomona College
Session 5: Saturday 8:45-10:15am
RCC Meeting Room 9


  1. Virginie Pouzet-Duzer, Pomona College
    Cette communication montrera de quelle manière ce curieux objet fin de siècle qu’est la jeune fille se trouva pour de bon cerné à l’aube de la première guerre mondiale. Ainsi les fleurs sauvages purent-elles enfin être étiquetées dans le métaphorique herbier d’études sociologiques traitant de la jeunesse.
  2. Carolyn EmBree, University of California, Los Angeles
    Throughout Monsieur Vénus (1884), Rachilde retains conventional gender roles for the purpose of subverting their gender specificity. Though the author succeeds in indicating facile stereotypes of femininity, she does little to garner acceptance for non-normative female behavior, particularly when this behavior does not attempt to incorporate traditional displays of masculinity.
  3. Emilie Garrigou-Kempton, University of Southern California
    In the nineteenth century, the practice of hypnotism is at the center of debates about criminal responsibility: are hypnotized individuals - and particularly hysterical women, the hypnotized subject par excellence - responsible for crimes committed under hypnosis? Yet, this question betrays a pervasive anxiety about women as untamable social threats.  
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