112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Asian Literature I

Session Chair: 
Satoko Kakihara, California State University, Fullerton
Session 4: Friday 3:45-5:15pm
RCC Meeting Room 1
Topic Area: 


  1. John T. Kirby, University of Miami
    This paper considers the possibility that the historical roots of Campbell's Monomyth grow as deep into the soil of Chinese mythic and literary tradition(s) as in the Occidental. After laying out a (somewhat redacted) version of the Monomyth template, it will consider the plot, characters, and symbolism of the 西遊記 xiyouji, the celebrated Journey to the West, in order to see whether this 16th-century tale by 吳承恩 Wu Cheng-En exhibits what we may consider the essential traits of a Monomyth narrative.
  2. Nathanael Booth, University of Alabama
    During the first part of the twentieth century, Asian authors such as Cheng Xiaoqing incorporated popular Western forms into their stories.  This paper extends the work of Jeffrey Kinkley work by suggesting that Cheng Xiaoqing engages Maurice Leblanc by modeling the figure of the South China Swallow on Arsine Lupin. 
  3. Juliana Choi, University of California, San Diego
    My paper analyzes the haptic art (shokkaku geijutsu) of Japanese horror novelist Edogawa Ranpo as a response to the phantasmagoria of capitalist modernity.  I argue that his short story “The Human Chair” re-enacts the way that the Burakumin were rendered an un-visible yet sensually discernible racial Other under modern nation-building.
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