Advocacy for the Humanities

PAMLA Supports College Language and Literature Programs

Rising educational costs, increased technological demands, and constrained college and university budgets frequently place programs in the humanities in jeopardy--especially programs in languages and literature.

Letters Issued by PAMLA

PAMLA recognizes that faculty in imperiled programs need support.

Should your faculty need an advocacy letter stressing to administrators how vital language and literature programs are, please write to PAMLA's president.

Institution Programs addressed Date of letter
PAMLA Resolution for Freedom of International Communication and Scholarly Travel U.S. Executive Order 13780, initiated by President Donald J. Trump on March 6, 2017 11/11/2017
Central Washington University German 03/09/2012
SUNY Albany Classics, French, Italian, Russian, and Theater 10/18/2010
Armstrong Atlantic State University German Minor 04/20/2010
French, German, and Italian 03/15/2010
Washington State University German 05/05/2009
University of Southern California German 04/24/2008