115th Annual Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii
Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 12, 2017

Call for Papers: Session Topics

2017 PAMLA Conference

Please review the Guidelines and Procedures before submitting a proposal. In particular, please note:

  • Members may only deliver one paper at the conference. You may submit more than one proposal, but as soon as you accept an invitation, you must inform the organizers of the other sessions that you are no longer eligible to present in their sessions.
  • Papers may not be read in absentia.
  • Participation in the conference requires payment of PAMLA 2017 membership dues by July 15 and the separate conference registration fee by October 1. A combined membership/conference fee is available for convenience, and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this option by July 15.

How to Submit

Submit proposals to any open topic area using the Online Proposal Submission Form. You will need to register and login to access the form (if you created an account last year, you can use it again; if you forgot your username or password, visit the Password Recovery page).


Questions about a specific session or topic area should be directed to the Presiding Officer listed below. Use these addresses for questions only. Proposals should be submitted using the online form. Completing the form will send an email to the Presiding Officer as well as gather other information we need to construct the conference program.

General inquiries about PAMLA or the conference may be directed to the Executive Director Craig Svonkin at svonkin@netzero.com.

Questions regarding the website or the submission form may be directed to the Webmaster at webmaster@pamla.org.

Closed (not accepting submissions)

Title Presiding Officer Session Type
21st Century Literature jschwetm@d.umn.edu Special Session
Adaptation Studies lscha005@ucr.edu Standing Session
African American Literature carldfloyd@gmail.com Standing Session
American Literature after 1865 ahowe@lasierra.edu Standing Session
American Literature before 1865 mikasakuma@aol.com Standing Session
Ancient-Modern Relations jweiner@hamilton.edu Standing Session
Architecture, Space, and Literature hhenry@csusb.edu Standing Session
Asian American Literary & Cultural Studies eve.oishi@cgu.edu Standing Session
Asian Literature satoko.kakihara@gmail.com Standing Session
Austrian Studies fabriziodisalina@gmail.com Standing Session
Autobiography lmiddlet@hawaii.edu Standing Session
Biblical Visions in Literature ljkoff@aol.com Special Session
British Literature and Culture: 20th and 21st Century beth.ptalis@gmail.com Standing Session
British Literature and Culture: Long 18th Century daveebee@gmail.com Standing Session
British Literature and Culture: Long 19th Century whowe@lasierra.edu Standing Session
British Literature and Culture: To 1700 smdesai@uci.edu Standing Session
Caribbean Literature and Film: Global Visions skh216@uw.edu Special Session
Children's Literature snvos@ucsd.edu Standing Session
Classics (Greek) tim.watson@csun.edu Standing Session
Classics (Latin) cmari008@ucr.edu Standing Session
Classics (Reception) efinkelp@scrippscollege.edu Special Session
Coalitional Feminisms melanieh@csufresno.edu Special Session
Comics and Graphic Narratives samuel.hartwell.johnson@gmail.com Standing Session
Comparative American Ethnic Literature tlh35@pitt.edu Standing Session
Comparative Literature agogrof@gmail.com Standing Session
Comparative Media Studies caroleanne.tyler@ucr.edu Standing Session
Composition and Rhetoric brooke.carlson@chaminade.edu Standing Session
Continental Romanticism larry_peer@byu.edu Special Session
Conversations with the Past: Revising the Masters drsandradoe@gmail.com Special Session
Creative Writing: Literary Nonfiction and Memoir smithj105@macewan.ca Special Session
Creative Writing: Poetry rudermar@msudenver.edu Standing Session
Creative Writing: Prose odhiambo@hawaii.edu Standing Session
Creative Writing: The Voyeur in (and of) Fiction sbernard@laverne.edu Special Session
Critical Pedagogy: Understanding Place in Composition pakm@hawaii.edu Special Session
Critical Theory john.kim@ucr.edu Standing Session
Cultures of Teaching cari.ryan@chaminade.edu Special Session
Digital Feminisms and Visions of Transnational Social Justice Activism ksark@uvic.ca Special Session
Digital Feminisms and Visions of Transnational Social Justice Activism frenchl@pacificu.edu Special Session
Disney and Its Worlds axelrod@oxy.edu Standing Session
Drama and Society kimberly.jew@utah.edu Special Session
East-West Circulations and Economies jlu@calbaptist.edu Special Session
East-West Literary Relations mike.sugimoto@pepperdine.edu Standing Session
Ecocriticism (co-sponsored by Association for the Study of Literature & Environment) tegeier@ucdavis.edu Standing Session
Epistemologies of Sight and Touch in American Literature ebutlerp@vols.utk.edu Special Session
Face and Speech: The Audiovisual Scene of Knowing and Encountering t.hui@hum.leidenuniv.nl Special Session
Film and History khough1971@gmail.com Special Session
Film and Literature aubreyj@msudenver.edu Standing Session
Film in a Francophone Context nsegeral@hawaii.edu Special Session
Film Studies Dawn.Dietrich@wwu.edu Standing Session
Folklore and Mythology jjthomps@calpoly.edu Standing Session
Food Studies sarah.gordon@usu.edu Standing Session
Franz Kafka: New Readings for the 21st Century triest@uw.edu Special Session
French nmunoz@csufresno.edu Standing Session
Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Literature and Culture ay.kay.kay03@gmail.com Standing Session
Gendering Madness: Representations of "Female Madness" in Contemporary French and Francophone Film and Literature nsegeral@hawaii.edu Special Session
General Conference Events svonkin@netzero.com General Event
Germanic Studies karin.bauer@mcgill.ca Standing Session
Global Media Ecologies heidis@uic.edu Special Session
Gothic kimberlyahonda@gmail.com Standing Session
I Wish You Water: Visual Memory and Representational Relationships with Oceans or Water taylorhi@ohsu.edu Special Session
Images of Crisis: Poetic Ways of Seeing Disasters tkomur@umich.edu Special Session
In Search of the Californio Archive jpale002@ucr.edu Special Session
Indigenous Literatures and Cultures clarissa.alvina.castaneda@gmail.com Standing Session
Italian enrico.vettore@csulb.edu Standing Session
Italian Cinema fo110@georgetown.edu Standing Session
Italian Ecocriticism tabussi@miamioh.edu Standing Session
Japanese Visual Culture daveebee@gmail.com Special Session
Jewish Literature and Culture svonkin@netzero.com Standing Session
Labor and Literature lalopez@hawaii.edu Special Session
Language Teaching at the Crossroads: Innovations and Insights for the 21st Century yromer@hawaii.edu Special Session
Latinx Literature and Culture mmoreno@greenriver.edu Standing Session
Librettology and Opera Studies katherine.kinney@ucr.edu Special Session
Linguistics axelrod@unm.edu Standing Session
Literature & Religion movsesian@umail.ucsb.edu Standing Session
Literature & the Other Arts machosky@hawaii.edu Standing Session
Literature and Tourism hrim001@ucr.edu Special Session
Material Cultures: Objects Transparent and Opaque ixmeyer@uic.edu Special Session
Medieval Literature john.ganim@ucr.edu Standing Session
Memory and Migration in German-Language Literature and Film Friederike.vonSchwerin-High@pomona.edu Special Session
Mid-Twentieth Century Poetry (co-sponsored by the Robert Lowell Society) steven.axelrod@ucr.edu Standing Session
Middle English Literature, Including Chaucer nicholson@hawaii.rr.com Standing Session
Mindsightings mary.cummins@ucr.edu Special Session
New Italians gpastor@fdu.edu Standing Session
New Paths to Old Problems: Innovative Cures for Atrophying Language Programs dillmann@denison.edu Special Session
Oceanic Literatures and Cultures sorr@hawaii.edu Standing Session
Old English Literature, Including Beowulf updegraffderek@gmail.com Standing Session
Other Vampires cedelson@chaminade.edu Special Session
Otherness and Populism faitel@cmc.edu Special Session
Pedagogy for Difficult Times vwoodward@elcamino.edu Special Session
Performing The Early Modern English Woman (1500-1700): Seeing and Being Seen on the Domestic, Civic, and Dramatic Stage shanek.m.wood@gmail.com Special Session
Perspective and/as Gaming vmwhite@ucdavis.edu Special Session
Philosophy and Literature psteiger@chaminade.edu Special Session
Poetry and Poetics svonkin@netzero.com Standing Session
Post-Family Studies svonkin@netzero.com Special Session
Postcolonial Literature cnolte@hawaii.edu Standing Session
Religion in American Literature mkevorkian@utexas.edu Special Session
Representations of the Colonial Other in the Visual Arts koreen.nakahodo@chaminade.edu Special Session
Repurposing 19th Century American Literature: Teaching to Non-traditional Students geoff.cohen@ucr.edu Special Session
Rhetorical Approaches to Literature beatriceganim@gmail.com Standing Session
Romanticism dwhall@cpp.edu Standing Session
Science Fiction justin.wyble@chaminade.edu Standing Session
Seeing Masculine Alternatives: Queer Masculinities in American Visual Cultures ec10@uw.edu Special Session
Sensing Poverty: Visions of Vulnerable Children clemenskm@appstate.edu Special Session
Shakespeare and Related Topics deborah.willis@ucr.edu Standing Session
Sight, Visibility, and Disability in American Literature kdrake@scrippscollege.edu Special Session
Spain, Portugal, and Latin America: Jewish Culture and Literature in Trans-Iberia echeniqu@up.edu Standing Session
Spanish and Portuguese (Latin American) ydoub@mail.fresnostate.edu Standing Session
Spanish and Portuguese (Peninsular) martaa@cpp.edu Standing Session
Teaching for the Post-Anthropocene ron2154@gmail.com Special Session
Teaching with Media and Technology ryan.lambert@ccd.edu Standing Session
Television Studies kristin_brunnemer@msn.com Standing Session
Translating Ways of Seeing: Textual, Visual and Metaphorical Transmigrations lais@gvsu.edu Special Session
Translation of and into Vision in Comics/Animations and the Politics of Graphic Negotiation yokotamurakami@fulbrightmail.org Special Session
Travel and Literature richard.hill@chaminade.edu Standing Session
Un camino difícil/ A difficult journey: Cultural products about (il)legal (Im)migration barrioss@seattleu.edu Special Session
Victorian Empire and Oceania annamf@hawaii.edu Special Session
Video Game Studies: The Visual Politics of Play dantecontreras@miracosta.edu Special Session
Visibility of Terrorism alan3@hawaii.edu Special Session
Vision and Desire: Between the Body and the Unseen pessoa1982@gmail.com Special Session
Visual Iberia: From Manuscript Illuminations to the Digital Era martaa@cpp.edu Special Session
Voice Studies katherine.kinney@ucr.edu Special Session
Western American Literature cedelson@chaminade.edu Standing Session
Women in French I: Stratégies narratives pour le dire et le lire dolidon@pdx.edu Standing Session
Women in French II: In-the-Classroom Ideas & Strategies for Teaching French at All Levels (Roundtable) dolidon@pdx.edu Standing Session
Women in French III: 3 Dimensions: Virtual & Physical Spaces—Refuges, Enclaves, Critical Spaces and Viewpoints jodiebarker@unr.edu Standing Session
Women in Literature drn2120@columbia.edu Standing Session
Writing Across the Disciplines: Teaching as Ways of Seeing, Making Visible, Reimagining rajamann@usc.edu Special Session
Young Adult Literature kate.watt@ucr.edu Special Session

Cancelled (not being held)

Title Presiding Officer Session Type
Art, Text, Iconography svonkin@netzero.com Special Session
Blindness and Vision, Hidden and Revealed: Interpretations of Sight in Ancient Religious Texts psteiger@chaminade.edu Special Session
Ekphrasis and Persuasion: The Dialectic of Eye and Mind in the Psyche of the Literary Text diana.shaffer@tx.rr.com Special Session
French Enlightenment cmhse14@stanford.edu Special Session
Godfather at 45 drmconway@aya.yale.edu Special Session
Iconic Images in Media Megmardian@gmail.com Special Session
La télévision dans la littérature et le cinéma français et francophones (Television in French/Francophone Literature and Film) cecile.hanania@wwu.edu Special Session
Murals and Social Phenomena laura.giancaspero@gmail.com Special Session
Nordic Literature and Culture erla.marteinsdottir@ucr.edu Standing Session
On Miracles, Travelers and Visionaries in the Iberian World martaa@cpp.edu Special Session
Seeing Plays: Spectatorship in Early Modern Theater skkemp@ucdavis.edu Special Session
The Visibility of Knowledge: Spanish Culture at the Council of Trent martaa@cpp.edu Special Session
Women in German ohnesorg@utk.edu Standing Session
“See, see! What shall I see?” Illustrators of Traditional Nursery Rhymes hooper@pugetsound.edu Special Session