112th Annual Conference - Riverside Convention Center, California
Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

This page is about the 2014 conference. For 2015 conference info, go to PAMLA 2015.

Call for Papers: Session Topics

Proposal Deadline: May 15, 2014
Extended Deadline (select sessions): May 31, 2014

Please review the Guidelines and Procedures before submitting a proposal. In particular, please note:

  • Members may only deliver one paper at the conference. You may submit more than one proposal, but as soon as you accept an invitation, you must inform the organizers of the other sessions that you are no longer eligible to present in their sessions.
  • Papers may not be read in absentia.
  • Participation in the conference requires payment of PAMLA 2014 membership dues by July 1 and the separate conference registration fee by September 10. A combined membership/conference fee is available for convenience, and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this option by July 1.

How to Submit

Submit proposals to any open topic area using the Online Proposal Submission Form. You will need to register and login to access the form (if you created an account last year, you can use it again; if you forgot your username or password, visit the Password Recovery page).


Questions about a specific session or topic area should be directed to the Presiding Officer listed below. Use these addresses for questions only. Proposals should be submitted using the online form. Completing the form will send an email to the Presiding Officer as well as gather other information we need to construct the conference program.

General inquiries about PAMLA or the conference may be directed to the Executive Director Craig Svonkin at svonkin@netzero.com.

Questions regarding the website or the submission form may be directed to the Webmaster Heather Wozniak at webmaster@pamla.org.

Closed (not accepting submissions)

Title Presiding Officer Session Type
Anne Carson’s Spiritual, Supernatural, and Sublime Poetics diana.shaffer@tx.rr.com Special Session
"A (Wo)Man in the Mirror": Immigrant Transitions lcoklin@writing.ucsb.edu Special Session
21st Century American Poetry keniston@unr.edu Special Session
A Conversation with Marjorie Perloff steven.axelrod@ucr.edu Special Session
A Discussion of Elizabeth Keckley's Behind the Scenes: Or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House (1868) and Southern California Society for the Study of American Women Writers Annual Meeting denise_macneil@redlands.edu Special Session
A Walking Tour of Historic Riverside Rivcokid@gmail.com Special Session
Adaptation: Literature to Film ydoub@mail.fresnostate.edu Special Session
African American Literature jjenkins@palomar.edu Standing Session
American Literature after 1865 scorb001@ucr.edu Standing Session
American Literature before 1865 mkevorkian@utexas.edu Standing Session
Ancient-Modern Relations ljkoff@aol.com Standing Session
Architecture, Space, and Literature slee168@ucr.edu Standing Session
Asian American Literature stq.ucsb@gmail.com Standing Session
Asian Literature satoko.kakihara@gmail.com Standing Session
Autobiography heflin@iup.edu Standing Session
Baltic Studies zgimbutas@gmail.com Special Session
Beowulf and Related Topics kristinlnoone@gmail.com Standing Session
Beyond Life: The Rise of Undead Culture roland_finger@cuesta.edu Special Session
Biocentrism and Nonhuman Ethics mbrotton@lasierra.edu Special Session
Chaucer and Related Topics seast001@ucr.edu Standing Session
Children's Literature alixlom@gmail.com Standing Session
Christianity and Literature jlu@calbaptist.edu Special Session
Classics (Greek) sabnis@reed.edu Standing Session
Classics (Latin) efinkelp@scrippscollege.edu Standing Session
Cognitive Approaches to Literature haleye@msudenver.edu Special Session
Comics and Graphic Narratives Dawn.Dietrich@wwu.edu Standing Session
Comparative American Ethnic Literature melanieh@csufresno.edu Special Session
Comparative Literature p6gonzal@ucsd.edu Standing Session
Comparative Media lisa.jay.brown@gmail.com Standing Session
Composition and Rhetoric dformo@csusm.edu Standing Session
Continental Romanticism larry_peer@byu.edu Special Session
Creative Writing: Brief Poetry does@msudenver.edu Special Session
Creative Writing: Poetry that May (or May Not) Change Your Life rudermar@msudenver.edu Special Session
Critical Theory john.kim@ucr.edu Standing Session
Critical Theory abriley@colgate.edu Standing Session
Diachronic Spanish Linguistics: Transformation Cases  enunez@pdx.edu Special Session
Disability in American Literature geriguis@chapman.edu Special Session
Disney and Its Worlds axelrod@oxy.edu Special Session
East-West Literary Relations bondmatthewjames@gmail.com Standing Session
Ecocriticism (co-sponsored by Association for the Study of Literature & Environment) hutchink@unbc.ca Standing Session
Edith Wharton april.anderson@cgu.edu Special Session
English as a Second Language Studies marialuisa.distefano@wsu.edu Special Session
English Literature and Culture (to 1700) awboyd@hiu.edu Standing Session
English Literature and Culture: 20th and 21st Century swafford@bradley.edu Standing Session
English Literature and Culture: Long 18th Century lgerigui@lasierra.edu Standing Session
English Literature and Culture: Long 19th Century jlee@csudh.edu Standing Session
Familiarizing the "jeune filles" vpd04747@pomona.edu Special Session
Film and Literature aubreyj@msudenver.edu Standing Session
Film Studies matthew.snyder@ucr.edu Standing Session
Folklore and Mythology smcbride@lasierra.edu Standing Session
Food Studies rei@sandiego.edu Standing Session
Four SoCal Writers: Eric, Ara, Joseph, & Joseph jtthomas@mail.sdsu.edu Special Session
French hbzender@ucr.edu Standing Session
Game of Thrones ahowe@lasierra.edu Special Session
Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Literature kevinkearney03@yahoo.com Standing Session
General Conference Events webmaster@pamla.org General Event
Geocritical Approaches to 20th and 21st Century Literatures mcannella@nevada.unr.edu Special Session
George Eliot carrollsavant@gmail.com Special Session
Germanics hammond@utm.edu Standing Session
Global Diasporas: Spectrality and the Uncanny weihsin.gui@ucr.edu Special Session
Gothic Childhood kate.watt@ucr.edu Special Session
Gothic Returns: The Familiar in Contemporary American Gothic cluck@csusb.edu Special Session
Hannah Arendt Re-historicized endofuhito@gmail.com Special Session
Homely, Unhomely, Uncanny: The Familiar and the Unfamiliar in German Literature and Culture rburwick@scrippscollege.edu Special Session
Indigenous Literatures and Cultures machosky@hawaii.edu Standing Session
Italian tabussi@miamioh.edu Standing Session
Italian Cinema pacchion@chapman.edu Standing Session
Jewish Literature and Culture amanda.k.moreno@gmail.com Special Session
Jewish Literature and Culture in ¨Trans-Iberia¨: Spain, Portugal, and Latin America jorge.galindo@unlv.edu Special Session
Landscape, Environment, and the Commons in Italian Culture and Literature pverdicchio@ucsd.edu Special Session
Latin American Women and Nineteenth-Century Periodicals Patricia.Amezcua@csulb.edu Special Session
Latina/o Literature and Culture robert.hernandez@ucr.edu Standing Session
Liminality in American Literature msimental@gmail.com Special Session
Linguistics covadonga.lamar@gmail.com Standing Session
Literature and Religion hapark1@gmail.com Standing Session
Literature and the Other Arts jsdetar@sbcglobal.net Standing Session
Magic and Witchcraft lgreene@ewu.edu Special Session
Magic Words: Experimental Poetry and Poetics jluck@csusb.edu Special Session
Medieval Literature john.ganim@ucr.edu Standing Session
MFA Poets: Voices of Inlandia JDelgado@csusb.edu Special Session
Mid-Twentieth Century Poetry and Culture (Sponsored by the Robert Lowell Society) steven.axelrod@ucr.edu Standing Session
Modern Austrian Literature heidis@uic.edu Standing Session
Oceanic Literatures and Cultures lpday@uw.edu Standing Session
Once Upon a Time Epolyudova@gmail.com Special Session
Poetry and Poetics William.Mohr@csulb.edu Standing Session
Postcolonial Literature lhutchi9@msudenver.edu Standing Session
Reading Arabic Poetics in America: Colonialism, Translation, and the Sociality of Form jeff.sacks.ca@gmail.com Special Session
Reanimating the Child: Children's Media and the Macabre daveebee@gmail.com Special Session
Reassessing Language Poetry: Thirty Years After The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book tjesse@uwlax.edu Special Session
Rethinking "Remediation": New Approaches for the 21st Century jason.spangler@rcc.edu Special Session
Rethinking/Retheorizing Video Games dantecontreras@miracosta.edu Special Session
Rhetorical Approaches to Literature kassia.d.jackson@tcu.edu Standing Session
Romanticism julianledford@gmail.com Standing Session
Satire and Humor rhishmeh@palomar.edu Special Session
Scandinavian Literature and Culture marlenemp@yahoo.com Standing Session
Science Fiction rob.latham@ucr.edu Standing Session
Scientific and Literary Discourse in the Western Cultural Tradition pichugin@rutgers.edu Special Session
Shakespeare and Related Topics saxeg@msudenver.edu Standing Session
Spanish and Portuguese (Latin American) barrioss@seattleu.edu Standing Session
Spanish and Portuguese (Peninsular) saum-pascual@berkeley.edu Standing Session
Taking Flight: Lyricism, Regionalism, and Feminism in British and American Literatures Kelly.Douglass@rcc.edu Special Session
Teaching Composition through Media kkstevens@hotmail.com Special Session
Teaching Languages and Culture Through Film pcomello@hotmail.com Special Session
Teaching with the Internet and Technology michelle.stonis@csulb.edu Standing Session
Teaching Writing Across Disciplines rajamann@usc.edu Special Session
Television Studies mcdermott.russell@gmail.com Standing Session
The Gothic cedelson@chaminade.edu Special Session
The Haunted Sixties katherine.kinney@ucr.edu Special Session
The Inlandia Institute: Celebrating and Memorializing Literary Inlandia cati.porter@inlandiainstitute.org Special Session
The Little Short Shorts: Narrative as Commentary kkstevens@hotmail.com Special Session
The New Italians: Migrant Stories in Literature and Film enrico.vettore@csulb.edu Special Session
The Spirit of California Imprisoned: Summoning the Mission Inn darnold@uwsp.edu Special Session
The Subversive in the American Sentimental Novel (Southern California Society for the Study of American Women Writers) Christine.Danelski4@calstatela.edu Standing Session
The Victorians and Literary Theory ajdrake@ajdrake.com Special Session
Topics in Tudor-Stuart Literature timothyponce@my.unt.edu Special Session
Translation and Interpretation tboucquey@scrippscollege.edu Special Session
Travel and Literature chism@ucla.edu Standing Session
Webcomics: An Emergent Canon c.kuipers@iup.edu Special Session
Western American Literature sorr@hawaii.edu Special Session
William Faulkner jschwetm@d.umn.edu Special Session
Women and Film Joi.Carr@pepperdine.edu Special Session
Women and Medicine in the Nineteenth Century mary.powell@cgu.edu Special Session
Women and Work leiren@aol.com Special Session
Women in French cmontfort@scu.edu Special Session
Women in Literature beatriceganim@gmail.com Standing Session
Young Adult Literature sshadoan@denverlibrary.org Special Session
“That Old Black Magic”: Temporality of Magic sfrohlic@ucsd.edu Special Session

Cancelled (not being held)

Title Presiding Officer Session Type
A Return to Aesthetics? svonkin@netzero.com Special Session
German Cinema ixmeyer@uic.edu Special Session
Latin American and Spanish Cinema: Women, Men, and Gender hmcavallari@gmail.com Special Session
Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture webmaster@pamla.org Standing Session
Spiritual Manifestations in Latin American Indigenous Horror Films marie-eve.monette@mail.mcgill.ca Special Session
Understanding Asian/Asian American Writers jlu@calbaptist.edu Special Session